Palm Springs and Joshua Tree NP

#50infive is off to a great start!

Our first stop was in good old Palm Springs. We relaxed the first night – just chilled in the hotel room and watched TV. We were absolutely pooped from 3 days of moving all of our belongings into a 10×10 storage space. Well, not all of our belongings… our Hyundai Tucson is full of the rest!

After our relaxing night, the next morning we headed to Joshua Tree NP. We have been there before, so we made sure to check out the attractions that we had never seen. First was “Skull Rock.”


We think this “skull” looks like Squidward from Sponge Bob.

Next, we drove to the “Cholla Gardens.” Chollas are a type of cactus found in the southwest. When we were driving down the park road, suddenly the entire landscape was full of these interesting cacti!


After we were finished at Joshua Tree, we visited at health food restaurant called The Natural Sisters Cafe –  click on the link to check them out on Yelp. We had HUGE veggie wraps. Very filling and healthy.

Next, we headed to “Pioneertown.”  It was super cool to visit the historic location of so many western movies.



Once we finished at Pioneertown, we headed to our hotel in Palm Dessert. We settled in and then drove to downtown Palm Springs for a treat. We have had Great Shakes bookmarked on yelp for a while. We got the regular date shake and the S’more shake. We discovered that dates are not our thing – so we focused our energy on our other one. The best thing about the S’mores shake was the freshly toasted marshmallows!


Make sure to come back to our site soon to follow us along!

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