Sedona, Arizona

We arrived to next stop, Sedona, AZ, on June 13, 2016. Our first night, we stayed in a room at an incredible house we found on AirBnB. It was gorgeous and so zen. We immediately made ourselves some tea to enjoy on the rooftop patio with red rock views. We stayed in for the night to prepare for a long hot day.

Bell Rock was our first adventure. We had been before through a different trail and got to the rock from Bell Rock Pathway this time and climbed up. It did not disappoint.


We enjoyed the views a long the scenic route, then headed to our campsite at Pine Flat in the Coconino National Forest. The sites were so spacious, and we were surrounded by red rocks and lush green trees.


After we set up our tent, we went out for another hike. As recommended by the camp host and our friend Sue, we did our second hike of the day at the West Fork Trail which crossed Oak Creek several times. DCIM100GOPROG2541395.

The sun came up pretty early the next day and was beating down on us by the time we started our hike to Devil’s Bridge. We still managed to beat the crowds to the trail. The last mile of the hike was a challenge but the view was amazing up there and the bridge was so cool.


We rewarded ourselves with chicken wings from the chicken wing bar at Safeway.

Things to Note: 1. We’ve been doing really well with picking up food from the store and saving our food budget for places like..Maui and New York. 2. It’s amazing what you can do with a cup of hot water and some creativity. 3. We started the Devil’s Bridge Trail with a family we dubbed the “Starbucks Family.” Instead of  having hiking shoes and at least 2 liters of water as the HUGE sign at the start of the trail said, this lovely family had on sneakers with no tread and Starbucks lattes in hand (which they probably disposed of in the forest). We wish people would take hiking and nature more seriously.

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