Grand Canyon & Lower Antelope Canyon

After Sedona, we made our way to the Grand Canyon. We made a pit stop in Flagstaff. We had picnic lunch of leftovers at Wheeler Park  in downtown Flagstaff and then we walked around. Here is a picture of the Coconino County Courthouse.


The drive to the Grand Canyon was easy and full of nice scenery. We checked in to our campsite at Mather Campground inside Grand Canyon National Park. After we set up our tent and put on our hiking gear, we headed to the Bright Angel trail to get some views of the Grand Canyon before sunset.


The trail is nicely maintained and offers incredible views of the Grand Canyon you don’t get at the typical viewing points. Going down the trail is deceptively easy! So, coming up was more challenging than we anticipated! But the views made it all worth it.


Back at our campsite, we were too pooped to set up the camp stove to make the meal we had planned for. Instead, we had good old ramen and added dehydrated veggies and some tuna – the carbs and sodium were just what we needed. Getting ready to sleep was much better than the last time we camped because the Mather Campground has a modern bathroom with flush toilets and sinks with running water, which was really nice.

The next morning, as soon as light began to peek through our tent, we woke up. It was nice and early; about 5:30am. We had a quick breakfast, packed up, and hit the road to head to Page, AZ to visit the slot canyons.

The drive out of Grand Canyon NP heading north was so cool! We stopped at nearly every overlook! Even our Hyundai, “Becky,” got to take in the view. Our favorite stops were Lipan Point and the Dessert View Watch Tower which had the most expansive views of the canyon.

Last September we visited Page and we loved the landscape. Well, so do tons of other folks! We attempted to take a tour of the Lower Antelope Canyon and the line to get into the parking area spilled out on to the highway. When planning #50infive, we made sure to do things right and we got ourselves reservations with Ken’s Tours.

It was a stupidly hot day and having to stand in the pounding sun and relentless noon heat was not fun. The popularity of this tour is stunning and so is Ken’s attempt to herd as many folks into those canyons as possible. Once you finally get in, the views are pretty great. Our tour guide was cool and made sure that all of us got some great pictures.

However, when we were in Page last year we made our way another set of slot canyons by hiking Water Holes Canyon and the views were just as good – and no crowds!

After we were done in Page, we hit the road and left Arizona. One state down – 49 to go. Next up, Utah!



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