Welcome to Utah!

Getting to Utah after our stop at the slot canyons in Page, AZ happened really fast. Once you pass the small bit of Lake Powell that is in Arizona, you will suddenly find yourself in southern Utah.


So far, Utah’s varied landscapes have constantly kept us in awe. The drive to the bed and breakfast where we were staying, the Smith Hotel, was very scenic. We couldn’t believe how on one fairly short drive we were able to see lush green trees, crazy red rock mountains, and a winding river along the highway.

We had a quiet night in Glendale, Utah and enjoyed our breakfast at the Smith Hotel the next morning. After talking with the two ladies that work there, we decided to visit Bryce Canyon and then head into St. George, where our next hotel would be. One of the nice ladies gave us the perfect advice, “Just drive to the top then visit the overlooks on your way back down.”

Even with that great advice, nothing really prepared us for how EPIC this place is. The unique rock formations are called “hoodoos” and we loved each and every one of them! We reached “Rainbow Point,” the highest point at 9,115 ft, at the very end of the scenic drive and hiked the “Bristlecone Trail Loop.” We stopped at all the view points on the way back down. However, we were really impressed with the view of the “Natural Bridge.”

When we got to our last stop, Sunset Point (one of the first stops in the park), we did portions of the “Navajo” and “Sunset” trails. The Sunset trail lead us down some serious switchbacks that took us to the base of a set of hoodoos called “wallstreet.”



We are really excited to see what other natural scenery Utah has to offer!

Next up – St. George and Zion National Park!

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