St. George & Zion (Part 2)

We, along with our friend Jessica, woke up super early to beat the heat and crowds to visit Zion’s most popular hike: the narrows.

We started the hike at around 7:30am. It was cool in the canyon, as the sun had not yet crept over the rocks. There were more people than we expected at that hour, but we managed to squeeze our way on to a shuttle bus to the trail head.

The “Riverwalk” was quick and soon there we were at the north fork of the Virgin River. The 3 of us were equipped with durable water shoes and hiking poles. Jessica had been to the narrows a couple of times and she was super excited because she had never been there so early and had never been with friends that are as into hiking as we are.

We were hesitant to get into the water at first, because it was pretty cold, but we got used to it quickly. Wadding our way through the river was really fun and challenging. We went about 3.5 miles for about a 7 mile hike in total.

When we made our way back to the trailhead via the “Riverwalk” we were so exhausted. By this time, the sun was pounding down on the path and we instantly missed the cold water at our feet.

Once we got on the shuttle bus extreme hunger set in! We went to the Zion Brewery right outside the park entrance. We were seated pretty fast and our orders were taken. Suddenly, we all realized that we left our wallets in the car inside the park! DB was the hero of the day – she took the shuttle bus back into the park, got in the car, and drove back to the brewery with our money. Yay! We got to eat and didn’t have to wash any dishes.

We left the brewery happy and full of food. We dropped off Jessica and we checked into our new hotel. The plan was to take a nap and hit up Jessica to hang out for dinner. NOPE! We all took epic 7+ hour naps!


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