St. George & Zion (Part 4)

This post sums up our last days in St. George & Zion!

The hike that we had read about and talked about most was to the infamous “Angel’s Landing”. We made sure to wake up super early – so early that we were not even able to check out of our hotel properly as their office wasn’t open yet and we just left the keys in the room and left them a voicemail!

The sun was barely starting to rise when we parked the car and made our way to the shuttle. We got on the 2nd shuttle of the day and it was already full of people. Most of the folks exited with us for the Angle’s Landing hike. The first part of the trail was pretty basic, with some slight inclines. Then we got to “Walter’s Wiggles,” a set of 21 wicked wiggly switchbacks that set our calves on fire. Thankfully the sun wasn’t quite out and we were in the shade, otherwise it would have been brutal.

We made it to “Scouts Landing” where there were many people prepping to hit up the Angles Landing trail. We decided to take a break and we had a snack and some water. We put on our gloves and hiked the first part of the trail that has chains. That was really fun, but also crowded.

Once we arrived at a wide cliff area right before the hike got super serious and narrow we took another break. We took a look at the trail ahead and it was narrow and full people. Some of those people were very impatient and were nearly skipping up the narrow cliff trail. There was also a large group of high school boys that were clowning around… bottom line is that we did not feel safe. The saying “safety first” is not a cliche on a hike like this… 1/2 dozen people have died attempting this hike since 2004. As much as we wanted to get to the top, we both knew that our safety was the most important thing of all. We decided to take in the already incredible views at the cliff we reached, and we promised that we would come back someday (probably in the off-season) to finish what we started.

We left the park and went to St. George for some much needed lunch. Trusty Yelp lead us to Hawaiian Poke Bowl and we were very happy with our lunch! Then we made a stop in the community of Kayenta to check out the art galleries.

Next we went to Jessica’s house were we are so grateful we had the chance to stay in a spare bedroom. We took a nap and then went on one more adventure with Jessica. We ended up at Nielsen’s one more time. We shared a turkey sandwich and the caramel cashew concrete – so good! Then we went up to “Dixie Rock” which provided a nice view of St. George.

Since we still had a good amount of daylight left, we drove to Snow Canyon State Park to check out what is known as “mini Zion.” We must say that it is a pretty accurate nickname!


The next morning after Jessica got home from work, we all made some breakfast together and got to chat and get to know the family who owns the home. Very nice folks! We are so grateful for their hospitality.

We then packed up and left the unforgettable Utah and headed back to AZ. Check back soon for our next post!

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