San Francisco (Part 1)

We arrived in San Jose about 8pm to our very good friends waiting to have dinner with us. Len, Marvin, and Marc made us a delicious home cooked meal; the first one we had since Utah! Our friends made grilled steak, caramelized onions, asparagus, steamed rice, and mashed cauliflower with purple yam.


Our friends Marc and Marvin so graciously hosted us in their comfy home! After camping for 3 days, staying in their home (especially their shower and lovely guest bedroom) was such a treat.

The next day, we headed to Stacks in the small city of Campbell for breakfast with Marc. Everything was really yummy! After we ate, Marc showed DB how to catch Pokemon with the Pokemon Go app.

We then drove into San Francisco and we visited Camera Obscura and the Suttro Baths.

Next, we walked around the the middle of Golden Gate Park. Stow Lake was very pretty and it was fun to watch folks paddle boarding and canoeing. Also, our favorite nerds, Marc and DB, found some Pokemon in the park as well.


Then we headed to Alamo Square in search of the “Full House” house. We looked at the row of “painted lady” houses directly across from the park and none of the houses looked exactly like the famous TV abode. However, several folks posed for photos in front a look-a-like house. DB went to trusty Yelp and found the address for the house of Tanner. Unsurprisingly, we were not able to find parking in the area. Also, unsurprisingly, Niner had no desire to see the house, so she stayed in the car in a tow zone while Marc and DB enjoyed the views of the house and took in some 90’s nostalgia.

We then checked into our hotel and found a little Thai restaurant to have a “snack.” The three of us shared an order of pad Thai and a satay appetizer.

Then finally, the moment we had been talking about all day… our friend Len picked us up with custom made sandwiches from her family’s bagel shop! We highly recommend the sandwiches at The Posh Bagel!


Marc with his special sandwich from The Posh Bagel

Len braved the insane rush our traffic and drove us across the Golden Gate Bridge. All four of us walked across and back over the bridge – a 3 mile round trip! Walking across the famed bridge has been a goal of ours and it was so much fun to do it with our friends. We saw dolphins, whales, and ran into some rare Pokemon as well.

Next, we dropped off Marc at the transit station and he took the rail home all the way to San Jose.

When dinner time rolled around, with Len still schlepping us ladies around, she treated us to a small Asian restaurant she frequents. At Tenglong Chinese Restaurant we had their signature fried chicken wings, honey walnut shrimp, combination fried rice, and their wok green beans. Everything was very flavorful, but the green beans stole the show! Those green beans were so fresh and perfectly crispy. Thanks Len!

Len then dropped us off at our hotel and we called it a night.

Our next post will be about our second day in San Francisco and hanging out in San Jose with some more friends!





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