What is 20 hours in Yosemite like? In our case, it was 1/2 terrible and 1/2 awesome.

The drive from Santa Cruz was long and full of windy roads. Niner still had a cold, but drove so DB could nap. More than halfway into the drive, DB started to get nauseated and she took over driving in an effort to avoid getting car sick. A valiant effort, but unfortunately an unsuccessful one. So, there we are, just past the entrance of one of the most popular national parks… one of us can’t stop sneezing and the other can’t stop barfing. We found a shady pullout and took a nap. When we woke up we were hungry and we went to the lodge cafe to get some much needed food.


Let’s go back to June 2014. We made our first trip together to Yosemite. Here are the some pictures from that trip of the amazing natural scenery that we were too sick to take pictures of this time around.

Back to 50 in Five’s visit in 2016:

After some vegetable soup, mashed potatoes, and Gatorade at the lodge, we were ready to get some rest. We had to drive all the way across the park to our campsite. We set up our tent in the dark once again and got some much needed sleep.

When we woke up we were both feeling much better and we were excited about our hike to Vernal Fall. Back in 2014, we did a portion of the hike, but it was too hot to finish. Plus, Niner had just started to become a hiker and didn’t feel ready to do a trail like that.

We got to the trailhead pretty early and there were already lots of people. Navigating our way up the trail, through the folks in flip flops and the selfie-obsessed tourist teenagers we found ourselves at the “Mist Trail.” It is certainly named accurately! As soon as we got there we could see and feel the mist from the waterfall.

We put on our rain coats and made our way up the steep trail. The mist was so thick that it formed a rainbow!


We were surprised with how many folks were wearing flip-flops and nice new designer sneakers. And that meant, that the unprepared folks with the inappropriate footwear majorly slowed things down. Another thing that has surprised us constantly is the abundance of impatient hikers. Nearly every hike we have been on this trip, there have been hikers that quickly weave between folks on the trails – even narrow and steep trails. This trail was no exception.

Thankfully, the views were amazing!


When we finished the hike, we were very hungry and we made our way back to the good old lodge. We shared a very satisfying pizza and a turkey sandwich.

Next, we made the drive up to Glacier Point which is an amazing overlook. The drive took longer than we though it would, but the scenery was incredible and the views at the top were stunning!


Despite the way our short visit to Yosemite started, we were able to turn things around and had a great time enjoying the majestic natural beauty.

We left Yosemite and hit the road to start our visit to the Bay Area. Do you know the way to San Jose?

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