San Francisco (Part 2)

The second part of our visit to San Francisco started off with a visit to Clarion Alley in the Mission District. We walked through the alley and enjoyed the art and the powerful messages.



Next, we decided to finally make the trip to the famed Tartine bakery which was a short walk from the art alley. As expected, there was a line but thankfully it was not outrageous. The moment we took our places in the line we got really excited because the aroma of the freshly baked goodies smelled AMAZING. An ordering plan was formulated before we even got inside the building, but as soon as we actually saw the display case that plan went right out the window. We ordered the cheese and ham croissant, two eclairs, a lemon tart, and a chocolate croissant. No, it wasn’t all for us… we shared with our amazing friends Marc and Marvin. The ham and cheese croissant is not pictured because it was devoured on the walk back to the car.

We then drove to San Jose and shared our treats… so good!

Next it was time to pack for our upcoming visit to Hawaii. It was a challenge to pack for camping and limiting ourselves to just one check-in bag, but we made it work thanks to our awesome gear and some help from Marc and Marvin.


Another one of DB’s friends from middle school lives in the bay area and we all got together for a fancy dinner at Orchard City Kitchen. Everything was tasty and full of high quality, fresh ingredients. It was pricy, but we have no regrets.

We had a great time eating some yummy food and catching up with our friends. There was never a lull in the conversation and we kept the jibber jabber going after dinner at the coffee spot across the plaza. When it was time to call it a night, we took this selfie in front of the dimly-lit cafe.


Mini Mount Gleason Middle School Reunion in San Jose

Then, Marc and Marvin dropped us off at our hotel and the next morning we flew to Hawaii – our 5th state of 50.

Our next post will be about the first part of our adventures in Maui!




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