We left Vermont and headed for our 29th state, Maine, the “Pine Tree State” on September 19, 2016.

Getting to Maine from southern Vermont meant that we had to drive all the way across the state of New Hampshire. Even though we entered New Hampshire, we did not count it as visited at that time. Passing through does not cut it for #50infive!  Our route would be taking us to another area of the state later in the trip.


Not too long after we left New Hampshire and passed the Maine state line, we crossed over the Androscoggin River and saw an old-fashioned truss bridge. We pulled over and found ourselves in the small town of Bethel. We walked along the river and enjoyed the views for a bit.


Once the sunset the highway became cold, pitch dark, and foggy. It was so foggy, that we drove right past our motel and had to drive nearly a mile to a place where it was safe to do a u-turn.

We checked into the family run motel and were greeted by a friendly man with a big smile and a small dog with a big growl. The owner of the dog (and the motel) told Fufu to go away. Niner was kind of bummed because she was ready to attempt to win little grumpy Fufu over. She was willing to take the risk if it meant she could get some doggy snuggles.

Our room was the last unit at the absolute back of the property – our entrance door was the only one that didn’t face the highway. The room was very dated, but everything was clean and we were thankful for the peace and quiet.

The next morning, we headed for the town of Bar Harbor. We had just snagged a great parking spot right on the main street, when we were approached by an elderly gentleman. He noticed our California plates and asked us where we were from. We said Los Angeles. He then said that his daughter lives in Chatsworth. No way! That’s where Niner’s mom lives. Small world!

Our tummies were asking for lunch. We decided since we were in Maine, we were going to indulge and get what Maine is famous for – lobstah!

We went to the very popular West Street Café. Everything on the menu sounded amazing. Not just because we were very hungry, but also because we are huge fans of New England seafood.

Niner got herself the lovely Leaf Peeping Red Ale from Atlantic Brewing Company. For food, we ordered the lobster roll, the clam chowder, and the lobster meal. The lobster roll was full of tender chunks of lobster. The clam chowder had a great consistency, but was not very flavorful. The full lobster was incredibly fresh and was perfectly cooked. Our meal came with fresh fries and some amazing drawn butter. The meal also came with desert and we had the blueberry pie a la mode and it was delicious, warm, and gooey!


Totally stuffed, we walked around the harbor to take in the sites.


Then we headed to the incredible Acadia National Park . We checked out Sand Beach and Newport Cove. Then, we saw the Thunder Hole. Our next stop was Otter Cliff where we took a short walk along the hiking path.

According to the many sources we consulted with, no trip to Acadia NP is complete without a visit to Jordan Pond and the historic Jordan Pond House. First, we took a long walk along the pond’s waterfront. The path was full of trees and foliage. It felt like we were eons away from civilization. What was the most stunning was how incredibly still the pond was!

Then we sat down in the restaurant within the Jordan Pond House for some of their famous popovers. The popovers were delightfully warm and fluffy with a perfectly crunchy crust on the outside. The perfect snack!


To watch the sunset, we headed to Cadillac Mountain. Unfortunately, it was crazy windy and foggy so we didn’t get to take in the picturesque sunset we were hoping for. However, DB was able to capture some pretty nice pictures when the fog would clear for a moment. We even got a peek of Bar Island, one of the many small islands of Acadia NP!

Once the sunset, we headed back to our motel room and Niner made us some ramen noodles and we watched the Dodger game on TV.

We started early the next day and our first stop was the Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse.

For lunch, we decided that we needed to get some more fresh Maine lobstah and we ended up at the Trenton Bridge Lobster Pound. We selected a big lobster that was just plucked out of the ocean early that morning. Then they took our catch outside where they have a system of pots with boiling sea water to cook the seafood.

First, we had a bowl of their clam chowder which was tasty considering it was rather thin and had butter in it. Then our enormous lobster came out with some fresh baked rolls and drawn butter. It was the best lobster we have ever had! So fresh, so tender, so huge!

Our next move was to say bye bye to Maine and we headed to bean town… Boston! Our next post will be packed with tons of good times in our favorite east coast city.


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