We arrived in Boston, Massachusetts in the evening on September 21, 2016. When we reached the Airbnb we had to empty a bunch of our gear from Becky into the closet in our room to make some space for our friends Judie (our friend who we stayed with in Michigan) and our friend Yanira.

The next morning, Yanira landed at Logan airport first. We scooped her up and had some breakfast at B.W.’s Grill. When we were finished eating we then headed back to the airport and picked up Judie.

Our car full of lady band geeks drove out to the Jamaica Plain neighborhood to visit the only man Niner has ever loved – Samuel Adams. We decided to get the party started early and we did a brewery tour and tasting at the Samuel Adams Brewery.

As if getting all the beer you can drink for free isn’t great enough, turns out that there was a free trolley to an historic bar named Doyle’s, the first bar to serve Sam Adams on tap. We took the free trolley and it was driven by a character named Jason. He gave us a very enthusiastic rundown of the Doyle’s menu. He even did a Doyle’s cheer with Yanira.


Niner was so incredibly excited to get some Boston Brick Red on tap. That Sam Adams brew is only brewed and served in the city of Boston.

We ordered their famous lobstah roll sandwiches, clam chowdah, and waffle fries. Yanira, wanting to experience authentic Boston, decided to put her dislike for seafood aside and she ate lobster for the first time in her life. She said, “It wasn’t terrible.”


When we were done eating we hopped back on the trolley to the brewery and headed to our Aribnb so Judie and Yanira could unpacked and get settled. We made it maybe 3 blocks when Niner realized she was talking and only DB was listening.


Judie and Yanira got settled in the small room we were all sharing and we all decided that nap time was in order.

After a good nap time, we got dressed and headed to downtown Boston. For dinner, we stopped at Niner and DB’s (and Mindy Kaling’s) favorite pizza place, Regina Pizzeria. Niner and DB had been craving the #29 pizza ever since we had it back during our Boston visit in 2014. J & Y put their faith in us, and we ordered the #29 and a pitcher of Narragansett, a cheap local lager that was very refreshing and goes well with heavy food.


#29 Prosciutto Con Spinaci “A classic combination of Regina sauce and Ricotta cheese, fresh spinach, prosciutto, cherry tomatoes and Mozzarella cheese. Accented with Romano cheese and fresh basil”

Our server was a lovely, friendly lady with tons of energy. She brought over a huge bottle of their spicy seasoned oil to go with our pie which was awesome. Quite happily, the four of us devoured that pizza!

Next up, it was time for dessert. Once again, we were eager to share our previous experience in bean town and we wanted our friends to have some epic cannoli at the legendary Mike’s Pastry.

Flashback to 2014: All over the interwebs, folks were raving about the cannoli at Mike’s Pastry. We were not that wild about cannoli. We decided not to go out of our way to get one during our trip to Boston. Then, we just happened to pass it by, the line wasn’t too long, so we figured we would give it a shot. Then, we ordered, and then we saw the lady fill the canolli with the beautiful cream filling, and then we took a bite and our lives were forever altered. Mike’s Pastry is the platinum standard for canolli!

This time around, there was a rather daunting line, but we were with good company so it moved efficiently.

Despite our best advice, Judie got a brownie that she was not pleased with. However, those of us with canollis were very pleased.

With our pastries in tow, we made our way to the historic Green Dragon Tavern. We got ourselves some more fresh Samuel Adams beer and jibber jabbered. We didn’t stay out too long because we had a field trip early the next day.


Way before the sunrise the next morning, we got dressed up in jewel tones and hit the road for Stamford, Connecticut, home of the Maury Show. Yanira, being the fan of daytime TV that she is, made her middle school dreams come true and set us all up with tickets to the free taping. Niner, being the trooper that she is, did the 3 hour drive while everyone snoozed.

For those of you that think that those shows are full of fake people with made-up lives, you are wrong. Those are real people, telling their real stories. However, the staff does make efforts to work them up and get the audience riled up as well. All four of us have plenty to say about our experience, but this blog is not about our opinions on talk shows. So, instead of going into it, here is the video of one of the shows we witnessed.


The picture below is DB & Niner during a break in the taping. The “photobomber” is the girlfriend of one of the show guests. This lady’s boyfriend was on stage with two other ladies claiming he was the baby-daddy to their respective kids. Maury said “you are not the father” only once.


After the taping, we sweet talked one of the production assistants into letting us pose for these pictures after he had already put everything away.

Some lunch was in order before we made the drive back to Boston. We did a bit of walking around downtown Stamford and found ourselves at some burger place with terrible service. It was so lame we don’t even remember the name of the place.

After our lame meal we walked across the street to check out these statues before heading back to the parking lot to get Becky and head back to Boston.

One thing that we really like about driving around the east coast is the existence of service plazas. As they say in Connecticut, service plazas are “so much more than a rest stop.” For those of you not familiar, a service plaza is a rest stop type area, were you don’t really leave the highway. Basically, it’s a mini, mini-mall area with shops, restaurants, and restrooms right on the highway. Niner explained the concept of this to Judie and Yanira and they were fascinated, so when it was time to fuel up and get some snacks for the road, we didn’t exit the highway… we visited a service plaza! Becky got her gas and the rest of us got some Dunkin Donuts coffee.

We made one more pit stop at a CVS and picked up some drinking water and nail polish. Then we finally made it back to the Airbnb. The sun was already down, and we were all pretty pooped since we started the day at 4am. We chilled in our room for a bit then we walked down to a very local joint named Backwoods Pizza. DB and I shared a turkey sub and J & Y got a calzone.

The next day started off with some sight-seeing in the heart of downtown Boston. Our first destination was the iconic Fenway Park, home of the Boston Red Sox. Once again, timing was not in our favor when it came to baseball, so we didn’t get to see the BoSox in action. However, our tour was excellent and the views were enhanced with the clouds.

We just happened to be in town for CollegeFest and several streets were blocked off for the event which made it difficult to find a place to eat. We ended up at a yuppy tourist trap called Max and Leo’s. The food was fine, but the music was loud, the service was slow, and everything was seriously overpriced.

After lunch we walked to the Boston Public Garden, Boston Common, and the Granary Burying Ground  to pay our respects to some of our nation’s founders, including Niner’s boyfriend, Samuel Adams. We then headed to Harvard Yard, and contrary to legend, there isn’t any parking there. None.

For dinner, we met up with another one of Niner’s friends from her high school speech team, Nassira. As predicted, Judie and Nassira got along famously talking about all sorts of crocheting stuff. We all had a lovely fancy meal and handcrafted cocktails at PARK  in Cambridge.


We made it back to our Airbnb and decided that we didn’t want the evening to end quite yet. DB drove us to a fancy liquor store that had way too many options. We spent a lot of time in there considering we only bought 3 tall boys.

Back in our room equipped with some brews and Niner’s subscription to the Dodgers on MLB TV, we all watched the boys in blue crush it 14-0 against the Rockies.


The next morning we got Y & J all packed up and bid them farewell. It was our first trip together and certainly won’t be our last! Thanks for being great travel pals, Judie and Yanira!


After we dropped of the ladies at the airport, we came back to the room to load up all of our gear back into Becky. While we were packing, DB got an alert from her ESPN app announcing that star pitcher for the Miami Marlins, Jose Fernandez died during a boating accident. We were both shocked and the sadness lingered for a while, especially as more details about the tragedy were discovered.

We left the Airbnb and headed to our last stop in bean town, the JFK Presidential Library.

Then we hit the road for our next destination, New Hampshire. On our way out of bean town we crossed over this beautiful suspension bridge.


Then, it was lunch time. On our way out of the Boston area, we discovered that our beloved Regina Pizza was served at a place called Polcari’s in Woburn, MA. When we walked in we were greeted by a lady with hair out of 1983 and a super thick Massachusetts accent. Then she asked Niner if she wanted a child’s menu for DB. In our 20+ year relationship, that was a first! Haha!


We decided to try something different and we got the #16 Capricciosa – Sliced prosciutto, fresh mushrooms, Ricotta, Parmesan and Mozzarella cheese with tomato sauce. It was good, but somehow it just wasn’t as good as the original in the heart of Boston’s North End.

Once we were finished eating we, bid farewell to Mass, for the time being.

Our next post will be about our time in New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Martha’s Vineyard.

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