We left Woods Hole, MA on the rainy afternoon of September 28, 2016 and headed for Mystic, Connecticut. When we punched in the address for our hotel, we realized that our route would be passing through a town with a Newport Creamery. This meant that we could get another Awful Awful! So, that is just what we did! We had our dinner at Newport Creamery in Fall River, MA and we had another coffee Awful Awful! Fueled up, we made the 2 ½ hour drive to Mystic, Connecticut.


We checked into our hotel and stayed there! We chilled and watched some TV and got some sleep.

The next morning, we took part in the free breakfast at the hotel lobby and then did some exploring of the adorable seaport town.

Our first stop was Olde Historic Mystic. We roamed around the courtyard that was full of really cute ducks. There were several cute shops, but we only browsed.

Then we had lunch at the site that inspired Niner’s favorite chick flick, “Mystic Pizza”, which is also called Mystic Pizza.


We ordered a salad and the Seafood Delight pizza which were both great. The crust had a great texture, it was a bit crispy on the outside and had a lovely yeasty flavor. You know when the crust is good when DB eats it! Niner usually gets DB’s pizza crusts, but not this time.

Mystic Pizza, Connecticut

Niner ordered a local brew, the Mystic Bridge IPA by Cottrell Brewing in Pawcatuck, CT. It was on tap and perfectly cold. Great flavor without being too bitter or heavy and it was a great match for the pizza.

Mystic Pizza, Connecticut

While we ate, the movie, “Mystic Pizza” played on a loop on several TV’s throughout the restaurant.

After we were done eating, we walked through the cute downtown area to the incredible Mystic River Bascule Bridge.


Thankfully, we were able to see it in action, but we were at an angle where it wouldn’t have been filmed well. To see this counterweighted marvel in action, check out this video we found on youtube: Mystic River Bascule Bridge.

Right next to the bridge is an ice cream parlor aptly named Mystic Drawbridge Ice-Cream. The variety of flavors is pretty extensive. However, the prices were steep, so we decided to share. Choosing a flavor took us a while, as we have differing ice cream preferences. We settled on the “Sticky Fractured Finger” which is a caramel ice cream with little bits of Butterfinger candy bar. Despite the creepy name, it was delicious.

We then left Mystic’s main street and drove to the Mystic Seaport.

Once we were finished in Mystic, we headed to the Historic Captain’s Cove Marina in Bridgeport.

Then it was time to head to our hotel in the heart of downtown Bridgeport. We got a great deal on Priceline for a nice hotel suited for business travelers. There was a fancy restaurant and bar in the lobby and a multi-level parking structure that poor Becky did not fit in. They had to open up a special gate and Becky had to be with some industrial trucks for the night.

We walked around the downtown area which was not a happening place at all. It seemed like it was mostly office buildings. We did visit an historic building called the Arcade Mall. It was beautiful inside, however, most of the store fronts were empty or closed for the day and the sun wasn’t even down yet.


Next to the arcade mall we came across an incredible art supply store called Artist & Craftsman Supply. This is the art and crafts store of our dreams. When we walked in, we were drawn to a display of foam animal face masks. DB decided that these masks would make perfect Halloween costumes while we are in New Orleans. We chose a theme – viciousness. Then we each chose a vicious animal face to wear.

Down the street from the Arcade Mall is the Fairfield County Courthouse where an historic bell made in the mid 1800’s sits.


We then walked back to our hotel and did laundry and took advantage of the decent WIFI.

In the morning, we checked out of the hotel, released Becky from the gated parking lot, and had nice and fresh breakfast at a cute little place called Leisha’s Bakeria.

Next it was time to leave the “Constitution State”  and head to New Jersey. But, hold on, we aren’t going to count NJ yet, because all we are doing is parking our car there so we can spend some time in the Big Apple – NYC.

Once again, we used the site to book a hotel room with free long term parking. Only this time, we weren’t flying, but taking the train into NYC because there is no way in the universe that we would drive Becky into one of the craziest cities in the USA. Truthfully, it really had only a little to do with Becky, we just know that driving in NYC are bonkers.

The drive from Bridgeport to our hotel in Carteret, NJ was supposed to take just over 2 hours. However, due to the rain (it wasn’t even heavy rain!) and an unbelievable number of cars on the road, our trip took nearly 5 hours!

Four and half hours into our trek, we were famished and Niner got off the turnpike and we stumbled upon Tumi International Restaurant. It was raining so we ran in, and found a nearly empty restaurant with blaring Peruvian music. We were excited that we found a Peruvian place; Niner has a thing for Peruvian pollo a la brass (rotisserie chicken). Considering how hungry we were, we managed not to over-order. We shared a ½ chicken plate with rice and a salad and ordered a side of yucca frita. It was the perfect amount of food and it was very tasty and came at a very fair price. Too bad the service was so slow, otherwise we would highly recommend this place.

After we were done eating, we got back on the road and finally made it to our hotel. We found a nice spot for Becky near the front entrance in a well-lit area of the parking lot. We took hot showers and relaxed the rest of the night watching baseball.

The next morning we headed to NYC – one of our favorite cities! Check out our next post to read about all the awesome stuff we check out and all the amazing food we eat in the Big Apple!

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