Greetings! We are Niner and DB, and this website documents our epic road trip, visiting all 50 of the United States in 5 months. We loaded up our Hyundai Tucson and visited all of the US of A during the summer of 2016.

One autumn night in 2015, we were doing what married people do … planning for the future. While we were looking at real estate listings, we were starting to discuss that taking part in the typical “American dream” of buying a house was not in line with how we we were feeling. Then suddenly Niner said, “Why should we tie ourselves down with buying a house? Let’s take our savings and go on the 50-state road trip we always dream of.”

And just like that, we decided to plan “50 in Five” – the epic road trip to visit all 50 states in 5 months! Check out our blog posts to find out more!