Michigan + Indiana + Kentucky

In the early afternoon on Labor Day, we left Chicago and headed to Michigan to visit our friend Judie, also from MHS marching band. Her and her family live in a small city called Romeo, just about 40 minutes north of Detroit.

The drive to Romeo, MI from Chicago was pretty long, but not necessarily boring. There were plenty of trees, fields, and farms to look at as we drove along.

We arrived at Judie’s place just before the sunset. She pulled out all sorts of awesomeness from her fridge and we had a yummy dinner. While we ate, her kids were getting ready for bed because the next morning would be the first day of the school year. Once the kids were in bed, Judie and her husband Ryan got their fire pit going in the back yard. We enjoyed drinks and conversation and watching Judie’s old jewelry cabinet she didn’t want anymore burn to ashes.


The next morning, we woke up after the kids left for school. Judie and Niner made breakfast and the three of us talked and planned out the rest of our day.

Our first stop was the local dairy farm where they have fresh milk, ice cream, and other dairy products. But, we didn’t even step inside the store. We were only there to visit the baby calves that were in the front parking lot.

Niner’s arm got licked by a calf and she said that the tongue felt like a wet and slightly sticky green scrub pad.

Our next stop was the Blake Farms for some apple picking and to try some freshly brewed hard cider. We went to the Ciderhouse and we shared a cheese dip appetizer and a cider flight. Everything was really tasty!


Then we walked around the grounds and did some apple picking.

After we were done at the farm, we went back to Judie’s house to pack up. Niner made sure to get some last-minute doggy snuggles from Judie’s awesome dog, Buster, before we hit the road.


We bid our farewells to our good friend Judie and her adorable family and we hit the road. Our next destination was Motown, motor city – Detroit.

We checked in to the newly remodeled Trumble & Porter Hotel on the edge of the “Corktown” neighborhood. We were impressed with the style of the room and the brand new bed was very comfy.


For dinner we made the short drive to downtown and shared a buffalo chicken wrap at Big City Bar and Grill. Niner got a Michigan brew and it went well with the wrap. The food and the service were just fine, but nothing remarkable.


Then we walked around and did some sightseeing.

After our day of being tourists in the humid heat, we were pretty tired. As soon as the sun set, we went back to our room to wash up and get some sleep.

The next morning, we walked over to the Corktown neighborhood for an early lunch at Mudgie’s. Our chicken sandwich was large enough for us to share and full of fresh ingredients.

Our next stop was Belle Isle to check out the amazing Anna Scripps Whitcomb Conservatory.

We left Detroit in the early afternoon on September 7, 2016 and headed to Indiana. The drive out of Michigan was kind of gloomy – there were lots of clouds and we drove through some light showers.


The first stop was our hotel on the outskirts of Indianapolis. We checked in and got settled. Then we headed for downtown Indianapolis to check out the famous blues bar, Slippery Noodle. We came just in time to see some live blues. Much to our surprise, noodles are not a staple of their menu. So we got some chicken wings and a salad to enjoy as we listened to the music. Niner also made sure to get an Indiana brew and she enjoyed their signature IPA on tap.

The next morning we had our free breakfast at the hotel lobby and then we hit the road for our next state – Kentucky.

On the way to Kentucky, we made a stop at Indiana’s pride and joy, the Hoosier National Forrest.  We wanted to make sure to get a hike in for DB’s 36th birthday! When we arrived at one of the supposedly popular hiking spots, we were surprised at how incredibly alone we were. We only saw one other car in the parking lot. When we got out of the car we got slammed by the hot humidity and the loud buzzing of bugs. We geared up and slathered on sunscreen and bug spray.

The forrest was full of lovely greenery and foliage, but the heat and constantly having to swat bugs away was just too much. Plus, the solitude was super creepy. We hiked in about a 1/4 mile and hiked back to the shelter of our air conditioned car.


We arrived in Bowling Green, KY in the middle of the afternoon. We were grateful to get into our room to wash up and rest.

When it came time for dinner, DB decided that she wanted to have sushi to celebrate her birthday. Even though Niner reminded her that the south does not have a reputation for sushi and that we are basically sushi snobs, DB wanted to give a well rated restaurant a try. Our dinner at Yuki Japanese Restaurant was just as Niner predicted – not good enough for us sushi snobs. The service was great, the place was super clean and had a nice ambiance. However, the food was overpriced and the portions were small. The quality of the ingredients was average at best. Regardless, we made the best of it and celebrated DB’s latest lap around the sun.

The next morning, we got our free breakfast at the hotel and hit the road for Mammoth Cave National Park.

We went on one of the guided tours and it was incredible!

After the tour, we headed towards our next destination, Nashville, Tennessee. We were really hungry and stopped at White Castle for lunch because DB had never eaten there before. The place was over lit and the overbearing florescent lights gave Niner a pretty terrible migraine. DB the hero had to do all the driving while Niner slept it off.

Our next post will be all about our visit to Nashville, Tennessee!