Kingman AZ & Laughlin NV

Wait… we were already in Arizona… why did we come back? Our plan was to visit the west rim of the Grand Canyon and visit the “Skywalk,” a glass bridge type thing that dangles over the Grand Canyon on a Native American reservation. Once we saw the prices for the tour packages we had to reconsider. We went to TripAdvisor to see if we could get some advice and the reviews are very mixed. Our budget is tight, so we decided not to take the chance on something so pricy. However, we already had our hotel booked for a night in Kingman, AZ. We decided to make the most of the bargain we got on the room and took the chance to relax. We had dinner at Cracker Barrel and used the free wifi in our room to catch a couple episodes of Orange is the New Black.

The next morning we enjoyed the complimentary continental breakfast in the lobby and headed to Alpaca’s of the Southwest┬áto take a tour of an alpaca ranch we found out about on TripAdvisor.

The tour is only $7 per car! We parked just outside the barn and we were the only guests there. We got plenty of time with the alpacas and got to hang out and walk around with with their “PR guy,” Ted!

We also got to meet two potbelly pigs – Chewy and Charolette.

Then on to our 3rd state – Nevada!


Welcome to the Sagebrush State!

We have spent PLENTY of time in Nevada – the Las Vegas area to be exact. So when planning our visit to Nevada we decided to do something new and make it short and sweet and do a one night visit in Laughlin. However, it was more like short and sweat because it was crazy HOT. Our poor car, Becky, was too tall with the cargo box on top to fit in the shaded parking structure at Harrah’s, so we had to park her in the “oversized” car area in the sweltering heat. Once we checked in, we stayed in the comfort of our air conditioned room and caught the Dodger game on TV.

Once the sun wasn’t blaring, we made our way down to the Colorado River, where Harrah’s has a private beach area. We found ourselves two beach loungers and dipped our feet in the refreshing river water and watched the boats and ducks while listening to an amateur DJ spin obnoxious pop remixes. We then made our way to the pool area and spent some time in the jacuzzi.

The next day we visited the Colorado Belle Casino and had an early lunch at Pints Brewery. We filled up on a BBQ chicken pizza and we had a pint of their Rehab Red Ale, which was very good.



Before we left, DB was determined to visit the “Riverwalk” and we walked in the unbearable heat to the next casino over. There were empty kiosks and construction closures along the route and we concluded that Laughlin has seen better days. However, being able to walk along the beautiful Colorado River was pretty nice even though we almost melted.


When we got back to the casino, we knew what we had to do… play the slots. One crisp 1 dollar bill went into the penny slot machine and a few short moments later it was gone. Our gambling duty was done and we then hopped in the car and headed to our 4th state – the Golden State, good old California.

Our next post will be about our visit to Sequoia National Park!